Friday, September 29, 2006

The Honorable President General Pervez Musharraf

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Honorable President General Pervez Musharraf
President of Pakistan
Islamabad, Pakistan

Honorable Sir,

I take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Asif Waheed, born in Karachi, Pakistan and currently living in Chicago, USA for the last 12 years and working for a Chicago based CPA firm.

On my recent visit to Pakistan after 11 years, I was pleasantly surprised at the progress and development of the city where I was born and brought up.
This made me realize that finally Pakistan has been blessed by the Almighty with a leader who envisions the best for Pakistan and covets its place among the developed nations of the world. I also visited other metros like Lahore and Islamabad and I found them to be more developed than Karachi. I was really impressed with the construction & maintenance of the metro cities.

In my opinion, there has lots to be done in getting Pakistan’s infrastructure organized. Though economic progress is evident, but it deeply sadden me to see that there was constant number of days where in metro cities like Karachi there was no power for up to 6 hrs in a day. Management of Basic utilities such as water and electricity are in a poor state of affairs. I recognize that the economy of Pakistan suffered greatly at the hands of deficient or reckless leaders in its past. It takes great ability to undo the regressive and I am sure that you are doing the best but certainly though it requires your resolute attention.

What I mostly observed that in spite of the overall progressive trend, there is a stagnating trend in the field of Education where brilliant students are unable to study in schools of good standard due reasons of funds. Due to this, the economy of Pakistan is loosing out greatly in strengthening the foundations of its forthcoming generation.
Good Business Management schools pertaining to International standards would give the people of Pakistan an opportunity at Global level.

I humbly request you to emphasize the importance of Education to the masses and this could be easier if there were more English medium schools made feasible and affordable to the masses. Exposure to advance Mathematics, Science, Geography and Brainstorming session would certainly help develop a higher level of world knowledge and confidence in the upcoming generation.

Your memoir “In the Line of Fire” has increased my conviction that Pakistan’s future is in great hands.
The book familiarized me with the human aspect of a President who has taken up the challenging task to re-build a misconstrued nation. Your position in the War against Terror is exigent and extremely challenging. I truly admire the way you are handling this global issue with Veracity, Sincerity and Toughness.

In the past, Pakistan has suffered a lot of setbacks politically. Looking at these factors, I know that it is a challenging task to fulfill. But as I have complete faith in your leadership, I pray to almighty to give you all the strength to overcome the hurdles and help you take Pakistan to its well deserved position.

Sincerely Yours,

Asif Waheed
Chicago, IL USA