Thursday, July 19, 2007

Devastating Flood in Pakistan

Severe flooding resulting from heavy rains that were exacerbated by
a cyclone in late June 2007 has affected over two million people in
Pakistan. The Baluchistan Province is most affected, with 23 of its
29 districts impacted. The National Disaster Management Authority
(NDMA) has placed the figure of affected people in that province
alone at two million, with 130 deaths. The Sindh Province, where at
least 311,570 people have been affected and 115 deaths confirmed,
has also been hard hit. Five of its districts have been affected.
Infrastructure has been severely undermined with roads and bridges
damaged or destroyed and telecommunications out in many areas
since 26 June 2007.
In addition to the considerable loss of life, thousands of people have
been displaced as their homes have either been washed away by floodwaters or are inundated. In Baluchistan, 5,000
villages have been affected while in Sindh, 173 villages are submerged. Over 67,500 houses have been damaged
across the flood-affected provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh.
People have lost their houses and will require
support to rebuild them.